Integrate Any Other Software You Use, With Husky FSM

Integrations versus one system

The reasons behind using certain types of software vary, but one system can rarely accomplish everything a business needs to do.


While using one type of software for all processes might work for some, others would rather use parts of different systems to fulfil the needs of their company.

This was the case for a customer of ours. Before choosing Husky Intelligence, they had used accounting software, which they were pleased with. They did not want to change their invoicing process, as it worked as it was.

Husky FSM software integrations allowed the company to keep using that software along with itself.

The transfer of data about customers, products and invoices was simple to accomplish between the two systems. This also eliminated the need for double entries, saving our customer valuable time!


Inexpensive, made to measure integration.

lack of integrations and the difficulty of the process has been a concern for businesses. However, these days FSM software often offers a number of integrations which make it simple to transfer data. Companies can now have it all without having to compromise.


As the world of integrations evolves, it makes it easier for business to pick and choose tools more freely. Software companies recognise the value in compatibility. The main job of FSM software is to make business processes smoother and what better way to accomplish that than working well with different types of software?

Field Service Software & Voice Technology – The Next Big Thing

One thing is sure: voice control is becoming more and more popular by the minute. You can use it to do a simple search on Google or tell your AI assistant to turn off the lights for you. In this blog post we will introduce voice technologies of today and how they could shape our future.

The Meteoric Rise Of Voice


As many as 40 million households in the US have a voice-controlled AI assistant. This number is rising rapidly and in 2020 over half of American homes are expected to have one. These numbers are so staggering there is no denying the effect voice control has on our lives.


With the popularity of the technology, voice searches are expected to become more popular in the future. People also have voice control assist them in a variety of other tasks. These include, but are not limited to, sending text messages, switching lights on and off and even scheduling them, shopping and driving. This is only a scratch of what voice control can do and its capabilities are only increasing.


While the UK are eager to adopt voice technology, businesses are lacking behind. The makers of digital assistants are trying to tackle this by offering features like scheduling or even creating assistants specifically for corporate use, like Alexa for Business. According to a recent study, 31% of the 600 senior employees reported they use voice technologies daily at work.


The usage of voice technologies does not only make things easier for the business. It could also makes them seem more sophisticated. With the speed the business world is advancing at, it might be a smart move to invest in voice technologies now.

Opportunities for voice control


As these technologies still have a lot of room for improvement, one of the most important aspects is definitely language. While Apple’s Siri supports 20 different languages, Amazon Alexa only supports four.


Some voice-controlled devices also have trouble understanding different accents as well as children for example. With more language options and better understanding of different accents and such, voice control could find its way into more homes and offices.


ANZ, a bank in New Zealand, has a new employee – a digital assistant with a human-like face called Jamie. Jamie can answer some of the most frequently asked questions. You can find Jamie from their help section and try this new feature. In turn, Google Duplex makes a restaurant reservation or a hair cut appointment on behalf of the customer. This feature is still under development, but you can see it in action here.


In the future, more businesses will adopt these types of technologies. Voice control is not only useful in homes and offices, but it is also a great tool in bettering customer service. The likes of Jamie and Google Duplex could become more commonplace, even resulting in digital assistants calling each other to take care of business.


These days, devices from mobile phones and tablets to sound systems and watches utilize voice control. There are even vacuum cleaners and thermostats with voice control. These technologies are appealing in many ways, but convenience must be the most important characteristic. It is the reason voice control will continue to thrive in the future.

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Mobile Field Service

The World Is Going Mobile – Is Your Field Service Business?

The world is going mobile – are you?

Going mobile is a trend that has spread like wildfire. These days basically everyone has some sort of a mobile device. Even first-graders have mobile phones more expensive than your rent. Mobile devices are taking over everywhere; from schools to homes and work places. The good old computers aren’t completely obsolete, but people no longer need to rely on them in many aspects. How is this affecting doing business and how can you get the most out of it?

Following the consumers

Especially with the younger generations, most people take their mobile phones everywhere with them. A cell phone with internet access used to be a luxury, but now it has become a rather common phenomenon, and even a necessity for some. People often spend hours on their smartphones daily, but not all businesses are taking advantage of this and creating content suitable for mobile devices. Mobile advertisement is a lot cheaper than, say, TV advertisement, and especially mobile video advertisement is getting more and more popular.

These days the mobile version of a website is more important in SEO than the desktop one is. Businesses should remember to follow the consumers and mobile is where they are at. This is why your business should focus on making its content as mobile-friendly as possible.

Utilization for business operations

Marketing and reaching customers through mobile isn’t the only thing the company can do to enhance its operations. The popularity of the trend has generated many new ways to utilize mobile devices. More and more platforms are mobile-friendly, which results in people being able to perform tasks, which earlier required access to a computer, on the go. For a field service business, this can result in a significant increase in productivity, if utilized in the right way.

Field service businesses can receive many benefits from going mobile. These days, companies can for example track field workers through GPS and employees can update their progress in the field. Communicating with your employees and sending attachments has never been this quick and easy. With mobile, data can be accessed anywhere. An FSM system can help perform these tasks in the most efficient way possible.

With FSM software, the office can see what’s going on in the field and the field workers can manage things such as their teams, schedules and add-on sales on the go. Being able to manage your operations out of the office just makes doing business that much easier. Being able to put the data into the system right away increases its accuracy and makes it easier for everyone to do their jobs, as they do not have to wait for information.

A tool for smoother operations
Mobile devices help the whole company operate with ease. This will increase the company’s reach in the market and the company will be better connected inside itself as well. The mobile aspect brings more flexibility to the company’s processes – it allows the user to choose where they operate from, decreasing stops to the office.

Going mobile is crucial for a modern-day business. It can be very beneficial both in marketing and in operations inside the company. If you’re still wondering whether your business should go mobile or not, the answer is yes!

Bespoke Field Service Software

The No. 1 reason service businesses should implement field service software, is profitability.

There are multitude of reasons why you might be considering to implement a field service management system. Many of these reasons will have a link to your overall profitability. Here are the 3 most common elements you need to know when implementing an ERP system.


1. Time savings. 

Think of how much time your business is currently using to process a lead all the way to your accounting and turning it into a repeating business? With a proper software, many of the repeated or manual double entries will go away and there are substantially less time spent to manage the process.


2. Align culture with strategy and processes. 

When you implement software, its a unique opportunity to align the changes needed in your process to match your strategy and motivate people to do things right. Many times there are process improvements needed but making the change is difficult without tools to support the change. A good Field Service Software can fuel the change. Use it to your advantage.


3. Growth through accountability. 

From sales to production, marketing to customer nurturing, accountability will increase process efficiency. When you reach a level in your business, where no leads are forgotten, appointments are no longer missed, work orders are always billed and recurring work is fully automated, the profitability will grow. But this is also a time to assess accountability. Within your organization as well as outside it. Growth comes from implementing your vision and strategy and accountability will assure your business is implementing it correctly.

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Field Service Alerts & Workflows

3 Key Field Service Automation Alerts Your Business Should Be Using.

Husky AI can completely centralise your field service business. Once you have a process that is paper free and in the cloud, you can alert customers,staff, Managers & Directors based on any important KPI.

Automated, intelligent messages can add huge value to your field service business. It can improve your services and make your business rise above your competitors.

Not only can triggered alerts improve the way you communicate internally it can keep all stakeholders in the loop 24/7.

Triggering Alerts

field service triggers

Husky triggers are set by rules, there is no limit to these rules. These rules then trigger an SMS or Email to the details linked with a specific customer, a group of people or a single individual. Once the rules have been set and matched to actual real time events you can then choose when your messages are sent. For example; send them all on Monday morning at 8.30 am or choose to send them as soon as they are triggered.

Creating Your Email Templates

Our message creation allow you to create bespoke messages for any rule/occasion. Using free text and placeholders you can add a template name, subject and full message. Using the placeholders you can make sure that you are sending personalised messages with actual/important info to the stakeholders you choose.

3 Key Automation Alerts you should be using

Field service templates

Here are the 3 most utilised alerts from our 1000’s of users:

1. Type Of Message: Job Completed Sent To: End User

A message to your end user to tell them you have completed a job on their premises. This can include info recorded on the mobile device by your operative. This is usually tick boxes of tasks completed or a written description that can be added to the message template as placeholder.

2. Type Of Message: Estimate Not Closed Sent To: Internal Staff

A message to your internal staff in charge of sales. Many clients will set up alerts that will send a reminder when 10 days have passed since a estimate was sent and it has still not been closed. This alert can included the value of the estimate and also contact details of the contact person for the end user.

3.Type Of Message: New Job Created Sent To: Field Operatives

A message to your operatives in the field. This alert is set up to notify you field staff that you have allocated a new job to their calendar. Job details can be included and usually these messages have a link to the log in for their full calendar.

Can you see the benefit of automation? Want to see what Husky can do for you? Have an idea for a message that would help your business?

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Asked to sign long term contracts for Field Service Software? Why alarm bells should be ringing.

As a SaaS provider we are well aware of the requirement for contractual agreements to be signed.

They are used to map out an understanding between the two companies entering in to an agreement.

With cloud based software there is no need in our opinion to tie customers in to 1, 2, 3 year deals. As with any service, if the customer is not happy or their requirements change,  is it right to say as a trusted service provider?

“You are signed in for 3 years” “Pay Up”

The answer is no, at there is never anymore than 30 days required to cancel our service.

Our ethos is that we want customers to add value to their businesses by partnering with us and our software. When value isn’t added or things don’t work out.. believe me this happens, then they can walk away. No hard feelings.

Not only should the terms of a contract in regards to SaaS give you a gauge of the confidence of the supplier (the less notice, the more confidence that company has in their offering) It also works the other way (the longer the tie in period the less confidence the supplier has in their software)

Another clear indicator is the level of service and systems. For example: if a customer is tied in for 3 years that said supplier can become complacent knowing they are in control with the long contract. When it is 30 days or less notice surely that company’s service levels have to be top level to keep customers, as there are no barriers to exit.

With software houses, costs are fixed, the software is ready to use and the infrastructure is paid for. Unlike physical purchases there is no cost to cover before profit is made. To bypass this some software providers will mix hardware and physical assets in with the deals be that computers, tablets or phones. Alarm bells should start ringing when this happens! Never mix the two.

So next time you buy any type of software as a service, be sure to pay attention to the contractual agreements. Look at them cynically and take a pessimistic view , what if things don’t work out?


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Service Management Software Uk

“Job Management Software UK” – “Service Management Software UK” Why is “UK” included on web searches for software?

One of the biggest things we see from customers who find our pages online is the fact that on google or bing they add “UK” to their search term.

This has led us to ask why? Why do service management businesses not want to use job management software that is supported from overseas and not in the UK.

Looking at what we do here at Husky and how often we speak to our customers we understand that a big factor in this is the timezone differences between businesses overseas and here. Understandable right? Then what about Europe? they might be one or two hours difference so what is the problem?

Then we realised that companies want to deal with companies in the same country. Is it a culture thing, hearing an accent that they are used to, even comfortable with? Another reason may be the physical distance from one business to their supplier, that cozy feeling knowing that the supplier is reachable physically.

One thing that is apparent though is the huge increase in traffic from these types of searches.

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Does Husky A.I have direct software competition?

Competition? What Competition?

All joke’s aside, we know each day we compete with similar businesses who sell field service software.

One thing that is clear and also apparent is not all field service software is made the same. They all differ in someway or another. When buying field service software you cannot just look at price and make a decision.

Husky Field Service A.I is not the right solution for every business, we rarely see businesses with under 10 employees opt for our processes of building their own software.

Being a hybrid platform, we already house all the main features your business will require. With this being said, we also have revolutionary, unique software building tools, so your business can create a made to measure field service platform.

This is where the thought process of, if you are the right customer with bespoke requirements and the right budget… Then we actually do not have any competition, because no one else does what we do,exactly.

Some of the big things with Husky is you create your own software, you become business led rather than industry led. Other software programs for field service may focus they’re one version of software on a specific industry and try and re arrange your processes to fit in with they’re one version.

Husky field service software has 1000’s of versions of their software, every customer has a unique Husky software  build. Built by them, for them with the benefit of over 15 years of expert knowledge and software design.

This big difference calls in to question “off the shelf” packages “one size fits all” platforms. It also raises the question is Husky field service platform in reality facing more competition from “bespoke software development houses”??

The answer to that is no. To build a platform for your business without Husky is going to cost you £100,000’s but also years of time, so by the time its built and the money is spent… you are ready for an upgrade.

With Husky it is going to cost you a lot less and take a lot less time to roll out your system as half the work is already done with our main framework already built. With Husky the canvas is ready to paint on, where as with a “bespoke development houses” they haven’t even invented the canvas.

So do we have competition? Of course. Do we have direct competition? No.


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Field Service Management Software

Field Service Automation – Less isn’t More

Field Service Automation


LESS ISN’T MORE – When it comes to field service management

Most field service companies that have over 10-15 staff in the field will struggle to grow any further without some sort of software automation.

If these companies deploy an off the shelf, one size fits all field service software they will 100% see some time savings.

The next stage, businesses matching 30+ employees may look to develop software internally to match their specific needs. The other option is to employ a bespoke software development team to develop it for them.

Both of these options have flaws, one being cost and upkeep of software that is just used by you. The first 3 year costs could easily run in to the £100,000’s.

The 3rd option is HUSKY AI. A hybrid system that meets all the options in the middle. A system that can be developed for your business but has all the off the shelf features at its disposal.

Your not starting from scratch and utilising over 8 years of development by creating your own personal platform. HUSKY AI is unique to your business and developed by you, for you.

At the end of the day who knows your business better than you?

More options, more features, more bespoke… Less certainly isn’t more.

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job management software

What is A.I & how can it be used in the service management industry?

What is A.I & how can it be used in the service management industry?

Over the last few weeks, I have discussed the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, while also exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence. At Husky Intelligence we are continually striving to produce a better software with technological features not seen in other Field Service Management software. Our use of automated features enables us to set the standard. But, what if a machine could learn without being explicitly programmed? What if the machine could produce its own automation features without the assistance of human interaction?

What it is – technology check

Machine learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence in that the system learns without human interference. Essentially, we give the machine the data and it will learn from that data and produce its own results. Many companies and their engineers are realizing the advantages and benefits of giving the information to the system and letting it think for itself. The engineers realized the efficiency of coding these systems to think like humans and give access to the internet where they would have all the information in the world.

Examples and Applications

Arthur Samuel coined the term “machine learning” in 1959 while working for IBM. Samuel, if you recall from the Artificial Intelligence blog, was responsible for programming a computer to play chess and compete against some of the best chess players in the world. Machine learning studies patterns and constructs algorithms to assist it in making predictions or decisions. Though you may not have heard of machine learning, we witness it in action almost every day. Your email is a prime example of machine learning. The system learns your email habits and automates a filtering process to separate legitimate emails from spam or malicious ones. In 2014, computer engineers were successful in creating a machine that contained an algorithm that could study art paintings and produce a list of influences from other artists found in that painting. Surprisingly, influences never before thought of were provided that left many stunned.

Outlook of Machine Learning

The world of machine learning has a promising and vibrant future. Industries that work with large amounts of data can benefit from this technology. The self-automation features are providing efficient ways for companies to better run their process while gaining advantage over their competitors. Public safety and utility agencies for the government are using machine learning to assist them detect fraud and minimize identity theft. Health care companies using machine learning technology, such as wearable devices and sensors, can track and assess a patient’s health in real time. This technology allows doctors to analyse data and spot trends leading to better diagnoses and treatments.

Field Service Management companies can benefit greatly from machine learning. The ability for the system to spot trends and run more efficiently enables companies to escape the unnecessary headaches and complications! Husky Intelligence sees the potential and benefit of machine learning. To provide a better system for our field service management customers, we are implementing new automated features that can help your company run more efficiently, provide real-time data, and identify trends that the human brain would never predict. Husky Intelligence understands the advantages machine learning has in our ever-growing technological society, and our customers deserve the best.