Support: A Guide to Getting The Answers You Need

As valued customers we want to offer you the best support possible. There are multiple avenues you can go down to get the answers you need.


Primarily, our customers will email with their query. When your email is sent, all of our staff members will receive an instant notification explaining that a new ticket has been created. One of the team will respond within 5-10 minutes to acknowledge receipt of the ticket. We may ask further questions depending on the level of detail of the query received. Generally, the more information you send the easier and quicker our team can resolve the ticket. That way it cuts out some initial back and forth.

When the ticket has been resolved we will inform you straight away with an answer  before closing. If a ticket hasn’t yet been resolved, it will remain open for as long as it takes. Our customer support team are product experts. We use Agile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for this process. This service operates 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However we will still respond to any urgent tickets out of hours.

Knowledge Base

Another key component of our support is the Knowledge Base located on the company website. You can visit the Husky AI Knowledge Base at

There, you will find all the training videos and FAQ’s for Husky AI. Numerous explainer videos are uploaded to this platform to help our existing customers through specific processes. These videos are mostly between 1-5 minutes long so you can flick through the videos quickly. The Knowledge Base is updated with new features as and when they are released.


For those who prefer to receive support over the phone, we have a dedicated phoneline at 01257 440343. Here you can speak directly to a supporter who will be happy to help. In the rare event of all our telephone operators being busy, somebody will call you back as soon as possible.

Our phone line is open during the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays).

Live Chat

For any potential new customers, we have a live chat on our main company website powered by Tidio where you can speak to one of our sales team.

Annual Feedback

Each year, we send our customers a feedback form where you can express your satisfaction with the support received and how it can be improved.

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