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Who Are We and Where Are We Based?

Who Are We?

We are Software Sell Online Ltd, we are software providers and we operate as an SME family run business. The business is 100% self funded and privately owned. We work within a network of businesses to help bring you the best business support possible.

As a business we can consult, develop, train and support business applications. Want to automate your current processes but don’t know how? Get in touch.

Click here to see what our software packages do!

By working in partnerships with other businesses we have been able to create a suite of off the shelf packages that are used by 100’s of companies in many different sectors.

Where Are We Based?

We have recently expanded in to our new home – Digital Hub at Strawberry Fields in Chorley, Lancashire. This is local to all our employees and is ideally situation close to M6 and M61 junctions for any potential new staff coming from further afield. Please click here to see more about where we are based.

Since our inception in 2015, we have operated as customer centric business, with the recent move to Strawberry Fields, we will soon be ready to expand and recruit some new staff. As we are acquiring more and more business we need to be proactive in creating local jobs in our hometown of Chorley.

How Do We Work?

We currently have 100’s of users across our 3 software platforms, all of these pay a monthly subscription to use the software so it is a regular stream of income for us, allowing us to grow and be a very sustainable business. Not only this but we have commissioned over 15 bespoke AI apps for individual business across the UK.

We have regular team discussions so our customers can get the most they can from our bespoke and off the shelf AI programs. With a mix of remote and in house staff we utilise technology to instantly communicate as if we are all working in the same office.

We have had a fantastic first 5 years in business and we are determined to develop into one of the leading business software providers in the UK.

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When Field Service Software Doesn’t Work Out for Buyers

We are here to save you from buyers’ remorse!

Over the years we have had a whole lot of different businesses contact us about Husky AI Field Service Software.

Many of these have become outstanding users of our systems and their businesses have benefited greatly from our automation platform and the efficiencies it has brought them. Some businesses have grown their staffing levels 10 fold while using our system!

Saying this even a handful of those customers were problematic at the start of the projects to build out their platforms. When we say problematic, we mean it was not plain sailing and to be honest, as you may know, change is not easy.

From our experience with existing customers and customers who did try to roll out Husky AI we wanted to write this article to safeguard any business that thinks Husky AI Is right for them (when it actually might not be).

**You might think we are crazy, selling against ourselves, but bare with us!**

We have stories of great successes but also stories of failures as well. For this article, the failure part is the most important (when clients don’t get the system operational/doesn’t work for them).

What Have We Learned From The Past?

See the 3 main reasons below why Husky AI Field Service Software has not worked for clients that have signed up:

  1. Customer did not have the resources in house to take ownership of the system (designated Systems Users/Departments).
  2. Customers had duplicate roles in their business that meant they would be working in the field and sending themselves jobs (more work less efficiency).
  3. The staff in the customer’s organisation fought against change and there wasn’t complete buy in to change from all the team members. If this is the case when issues arise with change the first reaction is to give up. This will waste your time and money if you choose Husky.
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What Makes Husky AI Special?

When choosing field service management for your business it is all a bit of a minefield and that is why we have written this article. We certainly do not claim to suit every business.

Husky may only fit for the few. It offers our clients a unique opportunity to work with us to create a bespoke software platform designed around their field service business. It is 80% faster to build and roll out Husky AI than developing a platform from scratch! Research shows that developing a platform on a similar complexity level as Husky AI would cost in the region of £250k – £500k.

We make it affordable to add value to small and medium enterprises; that is why Husky AI Field Service Software exists.

Would You Be Better Suited To An Off-The-Shelf Package?

We don’t have any direct competition. However, when Husky AI is not a good fit there are plenty of off the shelf systems that might work for businesses who would like to adapt their processes to software rather than have software that adapts to their business – we are the first and only hybrid field service solution.

So really the question you need to ask or explore is; can we adapt our business to an existing static off the shelf system. If the answer is YES you may be able to get set up quicker and at less of a cost than going with our platform.

When Is Our Solution The Most Appropriate?

The one drawback of these off-the-shelf and static systems is that you may grow out of them and then come calling further down the line.

If your business is growing, evolving and ever-changing the Husky is probably the right path to take. We find a lot of our customers have tried the “samey” off the shelf packages and are ready for a change of direction when they come to us with their problems.

Check out a case study here about Sherratt Landscape Contractors. They had lots of systems before Husky they have now been a customer of ours for 4 years.

Now, going back to the question of why would we discourage some from signing up for our services? It is going to cost you money telling us about the failures of your sign ups, you may say. Not true! We want to work with customers that we have a chance of setting up a long term bond and partnership with. Not only are these the most healthy relationships but they are the most profitable for both parties.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Decision

Before you make a decision on Husky AI, ask yourselves these 3 important questions…

  1. Are we committed to change and improvement or can we manage on how we currently operate?
  2. Do we have the staff in the office that are ready for change and would give us full buy in to take ownership of a new system?
  3. Do we want a centralised ERP that will run our whole business process from Lead to Invoice/Accounts?

If your answer was YES to all 3 then there is a good chance that Huksy AI is the right system for you and will be a raging success if you chose to commit to changing your business and the way you run your processes. If you answered NO to any of these then we believe their maybe different options available to you.

Whether those options are sticking with what you currently do or an off the shelf system, that one size fits all.

Either way we hope this helps you make the right decision for your business. If you want to discuss this article further or ask some questions of your own then please do get in touch.

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How Easy is it to Move Over From Your Existing Processes?

If you are still a paper based company, Husky will keep your workflow to be the same as it is now, only digitalised. That’s if you wanted to keep your current processes. The other option is to alter your current processes as you make them digital. It would be up to you. Either way we can deliver on both.

The platform we build for you will be easy to use and it will streamline your workflow so manual tasks will be made simpler and quicker. Meaning you can spend more time focusing on other areas of the business.

To ease the moving over process we will train you up on your software platform so you will be fully able to operate and within a month of using it, you will be experts! Read our guide on how we train our customers here.

If you already use software to run your business, the move over may be slightly easier as you will already be used to operating in this way. Again we will work with you to nail down your requirements and present this in a functional streamlined platform.

How Difficult Will The Change Be For Your Staff?

Office staff and field staff will enjoy using the software because of it’s top notch user experience. You do not need to be technical at all to operate the system. Particularly for field staff, the mobile version can be picked up very quickly. We know their main role is to carry out the agreed work so we have made sure that the data collection side of their job is simple. You can learn how to use the mobile version of Husky AI by clicking here.

Some businesses can be apprehensive when changing how their company works. Staff can be set in their ways and prefer to stick to what they know. However without evolution you may get left behind. Husky helps your business to evolve with the fast moving digital world so you can continue taking big strides forward.

Go Paper Free In Just 30 Days With Husky

Automate your processes with the latest technology in field service software.


Does Husky AI Integrate with Other Solutions?

Yes! We have a unique and open API. Our unique apps are developed to link your important systems with Husky. For accounting packages, we currently link with the following:
Don’t worry if your accounting package isn’t listed above, we can integrate with anything! We find that most new customers already use an accounting package they are pleased with, so instead of trying to replace that, we are happy to link together. That way your business can run the way you want it to.
You can send Invoices and Purchase Orders by synchronising from Husky to the accounts package. This can be done with one click of a button! Meaning no double entering and you still get to use the accounts package you are comfortable with.
We also integrate with other software too, including e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and more.

Moulding Husky AI Around Your Existing Processes

We believe that businesses should be able to create and use the processes they want to use. Husky’s flexibility provides just that. Rather than trying to mould your business to fit a software platform, you can mould the software platform to fit your business.
Integrations mean different tools can work in unity to streamline your workflows, enabling you to have more time to work on other areas such as Sales and Marketing. Many other Field Service Management software providers do not offer this compatibility, you will have to fit into their framework. Entering the same data multiple times can become exhausting!

Have An Idea?

If you have an idea of how you would like to utilise additional functions with Husky, just let us know either in the signing up process or down the line as an existing customer. We can create business specific apps that connect to information elsewhere or automate processes outside of our Husky platform. We will be able to price it up and work with you to make it a seamless addition to your business.

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How Does Husky AI Take Payments?

Our Monthly Subscription

At Husky AI, we don’t believe in tying customers into long-term contracts. That is why our software is offered as a monthly subscription to be paid via direct debit. In this way, you only pay for the software when you want to use it. This demonstrates the strong belief we have in Husky AI and our confidence that you will want to continuously benefit from the solutions.

Cancel Anytime!

Like any monthly subscription, if you decide to stop using the software, simply let us know and we will deactivate your account upon completion of your final month of subscription. If you just want to pause your system, then a small fee may be required to keep your data hosted, until you return.

Add and Remove Users with Ease

A key feature of Husky AI is that you can add or remove users each month, meaning you can flexibly change your monthly subscription package as your business changes in size. If we took payment annually, you wouldn’t be able to do this.


If you would like to learn more about our monthly subscriptions, please visit our pricing page.


Go Paper Free In Just 30 Days With Husky

Automate your processes with the latest technology in field service software.

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Why Choose Husky AI?

AI can transform the way you work for the better. Existing processes will be streamlined meaning you will spend less time doing manual work, and more time growing the business through sales and marketing.

Rather than being a replacement for human intelligence, AI is generally seen as a supporting tool. This clever software will work for you in the background and present actions to the human user.

Who Do We Work With?

Husky AI can adapt to various industries. Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Commercial Cleaning, basically any business that requires staff in the field (see our diverse range of customer case studies here). There are many layers to the platform and you can use as much or as little of it as you like.

A large proportion of our customers were running their businesses on paper, before they switched to Husky AI. When we ask why, the overwhelming response is that they have always used paper, they know that it isn’t the most efficient, but it’s what they know. Many of them have grown to be very successful using paper based processes, which makes you think, what could they achieve with automation? With more streamlined processes?

As technology is developing, more and more companies are using software and AI, including your competitors. So, ask yourself the question: will we be left behind, if we don’t adapt and change?

What Separates Us From Them?

There are plenty of off-the-shelf software packages around. Maybe you’ve have had some demonstrations and thought they were good, but perhaps they were too limited and structured, and wouldn’t fit your business needs. This is where Husky AI is different. Husky AI is a bespoke software platform. It has an underlying back end structure with a flexible front end to provide the ability to adapt to your requirements. You can keep your existing paper based processes and Husky AI will digitalize them. Keeping everything in one place. Instead of trawling through thousands of sheets of paper, you can find what you need with the click of a button!

We don’t just hand you the software and say that’s it, we continue to work with you as you grow and transform as a business and we are able to adapt your software along the way!


Training: A Guide to How We Train Our Customers

Training Packages

You will receive regular updates and system run-throughs during the build. However, full training won’t start until everything is signed off and completed. Before signing up, you have the option to choose whether you would like online or on-site training. This way, you can choose the training package which is right for your business. Our training packages and their prices can be found at

All formal training will commence upon completion of the project. We will be in contact with you prior to completion to understand your training needs and we will structure the training in a way to suit you.

Online vs On-Site

We mainly conduct training via online meetings, given that our clients are spread around the UK. Most clients are happy with this and it helps to keep your costs down. Alternatively, for those who prefer on-site training, we do charge extra for travel expenses and time, but it is great to meet our clients in person. Another option is that you can come to us, we have training suites capable of hosting small or large groups.

Online meetings are conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing with the Training Manager. We will share our screen so you can see. We will cover all areas and answer any questions you have.

Training Office and Field Staff

Field staff will not require much training, they will only be using the mobile app which is quite easy to get to grips with. For office staff, there is more to learn, so more time is needed with them. Usually one of you will become the ‘expert’ and this person acts as a trainer once our training has finished.

If you still need more training after the agreed time has been spent, this can be arranged for our hourly rate.

Training Videos

Our training videos are an excellent way to learn how to use Husky AI. Our knowledge base is home to all our Husky training videos and FAQ’s. You can access the knowledge base at

Finally, as a customer, you can request a private training video about any feature of the software at any time. Only personnel in your organisation will have access to these private training videos and they are particularly useful because we can be tailor them towards your business specific processes.

Go Paper Free In Just 30 Days With Husky

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Getting Started: A Guide to Our Signing Up Process

In this article, we take you through the 4 steps to signing up with Husky AI.

Step 1: Initial Call

The first step to signing up is the initial call. You can request a demo via and one of our sales team will get in contact. Alternatively, you can also phone us directly on 01257 440343. On this initial call, we will seek to understand how your business works and find out exactly what you require from a platform.

Step 2: Demonstration

If we believe we can help and you are interested in our services, the next step is for you to have a demonstration of the software. Our demonstrations usually last around one hour via an online meeting and we cover aspects of the whole platform, including Leads > Quotes > Jobs > Invoices and show you how your build could look. It’s a great chance for you to see the system performance and user experience.

Step 3: Quoting

A common question asked during the demonstration is ‘how much will it all cost?’. The answer is that it varies.

Given that this is a bespoke product that can be moulded around your existing processes, it ultimately depends on how you currently work and how long it will take us to digitalise those processes. After speaking to you initially and finding out more about your business, we will be able to give an estimated figure, which we know customers want to hear before they go any further. To learn more about why our price varies, please read our guide on The Cost of Building Your Platform.

The actual quote is determined by a Document Request. Which we send out after a demonstration. In basic terms, this is just us asking you to send examples of your existing Quotes, Job Forms, Invoices and Lead forms so we can provide an accurate quote of the work, excluding any new forms.

Furthermore, our monthly subscription costs are calculated based on the number of office users and mobile/operative users you require. Therefore, we will need to know these numbers for your quote. Our subscription costs are fixed and you can find them at

Once we have reviewed all of your documents and user numbers, we will then send over a proposal. Our proposals are all hosted so we send over a link where you can review the proposal online and sign off when you are ready to do so.

Step 4: Quote Accepted & Work Starts

Once we have received acceptance of the proposal, we begin the work and start building your bespoke platform.


We hope this article has been able to shed some light on our signing up process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Go Paper Free In Just 30 Days With Husky

Automate your processes with the latest technology in field service software.


Pricing: A Guide to The Cost of Building Your Platform

This article has been created to try and be as transparent about our pricing as possible. As we build platforms within our Husky framework, the system costs vary from project to project.

We wish one size fitted all, as it would be much easier to have set pricing for the build of your Husky system.

Hopefully after you have read this article you will have a good idea of what we use to formulate the build cost of your platform. We will include past actual cases and costs of our past customers during their build period and you will also be able to gauge the sort of timescales of the build periods from this article.

So, let’s start with some actual past build figures.

Here are 4 of the last build prices from our last 4 sales. These are platform build only and do not include training services:

Build Example 1: £6,300

Build Example 2: £4,600

Build Example 3: £3,900

Build Example 4: £11,400

All of these differed in a number of different ways but also had a lot of similarities. So let’s unpick the differences in the 4 projects above and also see if your project could come in at a higher or lower price than these examples.


How are build costs formulated?

So looking at the past 4-platform build’s we can see a variation in cost by £6500. So lets first look at “Build Example 3”.

This was a really simple scope of work; it included a build of 1 form and PDF (print out) on our Lead, Estimate, Job and Invoice sections. This client didn’t require any KPI reports initially. They also did not implement timecards, KPI workflow alerts nor did they use the system for stock control. The simple system allowed them to build a CRM of Customer and Site data, which could be used to create and send out estimates to clients, send jobs to their mobile operatives and Invoice automatically. They also built out a full HR system to monitor and create employees – Next Of Kin, Warnings, Employee Review Meetings Etc.

Since the initial build, “Build Example 3” have expanded and added to their base layer system that we initially commissioned.

When we then compare this to “Build Example 4” we can see a stark difference in the complexity of the platform that we were commissioned to build. One of the big things to take note of is that this build required over 10 job types which all then required a printable PDF building for each of those jobs.

So even though the cost hasn’t increased x10 the time required on the build significantly raises based on the number of different forms required to match the Customers operational requirements. This customer also wanted to use Husky to do everything including accounting and accounting reports. This meant that we created over 6 KPI reports and created not only an Invoicing processes but a Purchase Order & Credit Note process as well.

This build also included a complex service agreement that we set up for their regular work where they visited sites on a fixed rotation. They also had many email and SMS alerts that they wanted to be sent when specific things happened in the field. This build also included inventory control and stores for equipment and plant. Some things this build did not include were an accounting synchronising app; timecards and the Estimate build could have been a lot more complex than it was.


How long do project builds take?

From day one of the project to go live again there is a variance in how long projects can take.

This is how long some of our past projects took from start to finish.

Build Example 1: £6,300  – 2 Months

Build Example 2: £4,600 – 2 Months

Build Example 3: £3,900 – 1 Month

Build Example 4: £11,400 – 4 Months

Just as the costing exercise there are a fair few factors that determine how long projects can take to complete. Communication with our customers is key, we usually find that the projects can complete at a quicker rate when a project manager/lead contact is identified. Sometimes timescales are taken away from our control through factors within our customers businesses. Once we start projects we will put a timeline in place for all involved to make sure there are no extra costs incurred by either stakeholder in the project.

When we complete on a sale we will jointly create an in-depth scope of work with our customer. This will have a detailed overview of our plan for their build, saying this even with precision planning things can be left off the table that can be very important to the build of your platform. This is another sure way to have a delay to the go live of our projects.


We hope this article has been able to give you an idea of the potential build costs of Husky AI. If you would like further information about the pricing of Husky, please visit Alternatively, you can contact us directly at

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Support: A Guide to Getting The Answers You Need

As valued customers we want to offer you the best support possible. There are multiple avenues you can go down to get the answers you need.


Primarily, our customers will email with their query. When your email is sent, all of our staff members will receive an instant notification explaining that a new ticket has been created. One of the team will respond within 5-10 minutes to acknowledge receipt of the ticket. We may ask further questions depending on the level of detail of the query received. Generally, the more information you send the easier and quicker our team can resolve the ticket. That way it cuts out some initial back and forth.

When the ticket has been resolved we will inform you straight away with an answer  before closing. If a ticket hasn’t yet been resolved, it will remain open for as long as it takes. Our customer support team are product experts. We use Agile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for this process. This service operates 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However we will still respond to any urgent tickets out of hours.

Knowledge Base

Another key component of our support is the Knowledge Base located on the company website. You can visit the Husky AI Knowledge Base at

There, you will find all the training videos and FAQ’s for Husky AI. Numerous explainer videos are uploaded to this platform to help our existing customers through specific processes. These videos are mostly between 1-5 minutes long so you can flick through the videos quickly. The Knowledge Base is updated with new features as and when they are released.


For those who prefer to receive support over the phone, we have a dedicated phoneline at 01257 440343. Here you can speak directly to a supporter who will be happy to help. In the rare event of all our telephone operators being busy, somebody will call you back as soon as possible.

Our phone line is open during the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays).

Live Chat

For any potential new customers, we have a live chat on our main company website powered by Tidio where you can speak to one of our sales team. Our team are available to chat from Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. Messaging outside of these operating hours means you will be unlikely to gain an immediate response. However, if you do choose to message during a time when our operators are unavailable, we will be sure to email you regarding your message within 1-2 business days.

Annual Feedback

Each year, we send our customers a feedback form where you can express your satisfaction with the support received and how it can be improved.

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