Why Choose Husky AI?

AI can transform the way you work for the better. Existing processes will be streamlined meaning you will spend less time doing manual work, and more time growing the business through sales and marketing.

Rather than being a replacement for human intelligence, AI is generally seen as a supporting tool. This clever software will work for you in the background and present actions to the human user.

Husky AI can adapt to various industries. Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Commercial Cleaning, basically any business that requires staff in the field (see our diverse range of customer case studies here). There are many layers to the platform and you can use as much or as little of it as you like.

A large proportion of our customers were running their businesses on paper, before they switched to Husky AI. When we ask why, the overwhelming response is that they have always used paper, they know that it isn’t the most efficient, but it’s what they know. Many of them have grown to be very successful using paper based processes, which makes you think, what could they achieve with automation? With more streamlined processes?

As technology is developing, more and more companies are using software and AI, including your competitors. So, ask yourself the question: will we be left behind, if we don’t adapt and change?


There are plenty of off-the-shelf software packages around. Maybe you’ve have had some demonstrations and thought they were good, but perhaps they were too limited and structured, and wouldn’t fit your business needs. This is where Husky AI is different. Husky AI is a bespoke software platform. It has an underlying back end structure with a flexible front end to provide the ability to adapt to your requirements. You can keep your existing paper based processes and Husky AI will digitalize them. Keeping everything in one place. Instead of trawling through thousands of sheets of paper, you can find what you need with the click of a button!

We don’t just hand you the software and say that’s it, we continue to work with you as you grow and transform as a business and we are able to adapt your software along the way!

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