Case Study

Customer Case Study – Groundworks 95 Ltd

Helping a paper driven business digitalise their current business processes 

Groundworks 95 Ltd have provided exceptional industrial maintenance services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for over 35 years, including large corporate environments, local authorities, shopping centres and schools. Our experienced staff set the standard each day in landscape design, paving, hardscaping.

“Husky has given our team in the field the ability to fill out risk assessments, manage jobs & keep tabs on open projects while we monitor it all in real time. This aids our operations greatly and gives us further clarity on the day to day running of the business”

Olivia Canitrot
Why Husky

Groundworks 95 wanted to create a simple process that would not overbear their workforce in terms of change. For this reason our initial consultancy ran through their current operations in detail. Once mapped out we planned to digitalise all their existing processes in to one seem-less, paperless cloud workflow.

From our discussions we found that by eliminating double entry and linking directly to their accounting package, GW95 would not require any other software to run their business once Husky had been rolled out.


GW95 have managed to go completely paper free with all their operations. From creating professional estimates they can now follow their jobs through with ease and absolute precision. With Husky they can follow their unique GW number from start to completion helping eradicate manual errors.

Husky has allowed operatives to complete risk assessments and read method statements with a quick click of a button through our mobile application.

GW95 continue to make changes and add to their platform, as they grow and develop Husky can too. They continue to add extra features/ reports built for their changing needs.