Husky Customer – Sherratt Landscape Contractors Ltd

Case Study

Helping an established commercial landscaper upgrade their software to realise further operational benefits.

Sherratt Landscape Contractors Limited was established in 1968 and has over 45 years’ experience and extensive professional knowledge of the Commercial Landscape Industry.

Their in-house Contracts Managers and highly trained members of staff are dedicated to producing high quality work within scheduled time scales and budgets, ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of service throughout the contract, thus earning the Company a reputation for its professionalism and consistent high quality of workmanship.

Understanding their client’s requirements and providing a complete service, Sherratt Landscape Contractors are able to offer and deliver a diverse, cost effective, resource and management facility.

“We built a system around our business, this was challenging however as our business changes Husky AI can be changed to match. The flexibility of the software is its biggest attribute”

Mike Williams Operations Manager
Why Husky

When our team first met with Sherratt at their offices we found that they were searching for a new software platform having gone through 3-4 different systems in as many years.

The directors wanted a system that served all requirements to run their business through one cloud system.

Firstly, we had to completely understand the way Sherratt wanted to run and determine how the past systems had failed them.

Pre-sale we spent around 2-3 months discussing options and how our bespoke Husky AI platform could help.

The focus for Sherratt was to create a smooth workflow including lead tracking and automate quotations. As they work with many large local authorities they also had some quite demanding needs in terms of invoicing formats and general processes.

With the knowledge of how systems worked Sherratt’s team wanted to keep the best bits from their old systems and add new functions that would help them focus on KPI’s throughout the business.

  • Lead Tracking
  • Automated Quotation’s
  • Job Management
  • Job Reports
  • Daily Depot & Vehicle Checks
  • Timesheets & Vehicle Allocation
  • Automated Email Alerts for Critical KPI’s
  • Invoicing, Application for Payments, PO, Credit Note Processes
  • Accounts Reporting
  • The Build Of A Customer Webportal

The biggest win for Sherratt since implementing Husky Software is the ability to schedule over 15 types of different work tasks instantly.  Scheduling has led to further responsibility on their operatives to complete tasks and gather images and signatures.

Along with this the bespoke workflow followed through from lead all the way to invoicing, means no more paper, double entry or manual mistakes.

They also have all invoice formats created to their spec with a brand new Purchase Order system attributed to the implementation of Husky AI.