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LESS ISN’T MORE – When it comes to field service management

Most field service companies that have over 10-15 staff in the field will struggle to grow any further without some sort of software automation.

If these companies deploy an off the shelf, one size fits all field service software they will 100% see some time savings.

The next stage, businesses matching 30+ employees may look to develop software internally to match their specific needs. The other option is to employ a bespoke software development team to develop it for them.

Both of these options have flaws, one being cost and upkeep of software that is just used by you. The first 3 year costs could easily run in to the £100,000’s.

The 3rd option is HUSKY AI. A hybrid system that meets all the options in the middle. A system that can be developed for your business but has all the off the shelf features at its disposal.

Your not starting from scratch and utilising over 8 years of development by creating your own personal platform. HUSKY AI is unique to your business and developed by you, for you.

At the end of the day who knows your business better than you?

More options, more features, more bespoke… Less certainly isn’t more.

Is your field service software falling short? Want more? Get in touch.





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