Key Customer Touch Spots – Field Service Management

Customers Satisfaction 


When providing a service in the field you may find that you lack control over the service you provide.

Are your office staff and field teams reading off the same hymn sheet and dancing their way to customer satisfaction?

From planning smartly to being able to create a 2 way instant communication, a software platform is crucial to any businesses looking to have happy customers.

Touch Spots

Thinking as your end user thinks – what is important to them?

  1. When are you visiting/ when did you visit
  2. Have you got the evidence of before and after images
  3. Describe the tasks carried out
  4. Sign off/ Invoice

These 4 simple touch points can be automated with Husky AI. Using our automated email/SMS messages your system can work for you. Sharing instant information with your clients.

Everyone in the loop

There is no time for guessing or finger in the air presumptions in this day and age. With all your information stored centrally the correct data is shared between office staff, operatives & customers.

No more crossed wires.






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