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How Easy is it to Move Over From Your Existing Processes?

If you are still a paper based company, Husky will keep your workflow to be the same as it is now, only digitalised. That’s if you wanted to keep your current processes. The other option is to alter your current processes as you make them digital. It would be up to you. Either way we can deliver on both.

The platform we build for you will be easy to use and it will streamline your workflow so manual tasks will be made simpler and quicker. Meaning you can spend more time focusing on other areas of the business.

To ease the moving over process we will train you up on your software platform so you will be fully able to operate and within a month of using it, you will be experts! Read our guide on how we train our customers here.

If you already use software to run your business, the move over may be slightly easier as you will already be used to operating in this way. Again we will work with you to nail down your requirements and present this in a functional streamlined platform.

How Difficult Will The Change Be For Your Staff?

Office staff and field staff will enjoy using the software because of it’s top notch user experience. You do not need to be technical at all to operate the system. Particularly for field staff, the mobile version can be picked up very quickly. We know their main role is to carry out the agreed work so we have made sure that the data collection side of their job is simple. You can learn how to use the mobile version of Husky AI by clicking here.

Some businesses can be apprehensive when changing how their company works. Staff can be set in their ways and prefer to stick to what they know. However without evolution you may get left behind. Husky helps your business to evolve with the fast moving digital world so you can continue taking big strides forward.

Go Paper Free In Just 30 Days With Husky

Automate your processes with the latest technology in field service software.

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