Does Husky A.I have direct software competition?

Competition? What Competition?

All joke’s aside, we know each day we compete with similar businesses who sell field service software.

One thing that is clear and also apparent is not all field service software is made the same. They all differ in someway or another. When buying field service software you cannot just look at price and make a decision.

Husky Field Service A.I is not the right solution for every business, we rarely see businesses with under 10 employees opt for our processes of building their own software.

Being a hybrid platform, we already house all the main features your business will require. With this being said, we also have revolutionary, unique software building tools, so your business can create a made to measure field service platform.

This is where the thought process of, if you are the right customer with bespoke requirements and the right budget… Then we actually do not have any competition, because no one else does what we do,exactly.

Some of the big things with Husky is you create your own software, you become business led rather than industry led. Other software programs for field service may focus they’re one version of software on a specific industry and try and re arrange your processes to fit in with they’re one version.

Husky field service software has 1000’s of versions of their software, every customer has a unique Husky software  build. Built by them, for them with the benefit of over 15 years of expert knowledge and software design.

This big difference calls in to question “off the shelf” packages “one size fits all” platforms. It also raises the question is Husky field service platform in reality facing more competition from “bespoke software development houses”??

The answer to that is no. To build a platform for your business without Husky is going to cost you £100,000’s but also years of time, so by the time its built and the money is spent… you are ready for an upgrade.

With Husky it is going to cost you a lot less and take a lot less time to roll out your system as half the work is already done with our main framework already built. With Husky the canvas is ready to paint on, where as with a “bespoke development houses” they haven’t even invented the canvas.

So do we have competition? Of course. Do we have direct competition? No.


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