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“Job Management Software UK” – “Service Management Software UK” Why is “UK” included on web searches for software?

One of the biggest things we see from customers who find our pages online is the fact that on google or bing they add “UK” to their search term.

This has led us to ask why? Why do service management businesses not want to use job management software that is supported from overseas and not in the UK.

Looking at what we do here at Husky and how often we speak to our customers we understand that a big factor in this is the timezone differences between businesses overseas and here. Understandable right? Then what about Europe? they might be one or two hours difference so what is the problem?

Then we realised that companies want to deal with companies in the same country. Is it a culture thing, hearing an accent that they are used to, even comfortable with? Another reason may be the physical distance from one business to their supplier, that cozy feeling knowing that the supplier is reachable physically.

One thing that is apparent though is the huge increase in traffic from these types of searches.

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