Training: A Guide to How We Train Our Customers

Training Packages

You will receive regular updates and system run-throughs during the build. However, full training won’t start until everything is signed off and completed. Before signing up, you have the option to choose whether you would like online or on-site training. This way, you can choose the training package which is right for your business. Our training packages and their prices can be found at

All formal training will commence upon completion of the project. We will be in contact with you prior to completion to understand your training needs and we will structure the training in a way to suit you.

Online vs On-Site

We mainly conduct training via online meetings, given that our clients are spread around the UK. Most clients are happy with this and it helps to keep your costs down. Alternatively, for those who prefer on-site training, we do charge extra for travel expenses and time, but it is great to meet our clients in person. Another option is that you can come to us, we have training suites capable of hosting small or large groups.

Online meetings are conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing with the Training Manager. We will share our screen so you can see. We will cover all areas and answer any questions you have.

Training Office and Field Staff

Field staff will not require much training, they will only be using the mobile app which is quite easy to get to grips with. For office staff, there is more to learn, so more time is needed with them. Usually one of you will become the ‘expert’ and this person acts as a trainer once our training has finished.

If you still need more training after the agreed time has been spent, this can be arranged for our hourly rate.

Training Videos

Our training videos are an excellent way to learn how to use Husky AI. Our knowledge base is home to all our Husky training videos and FAQ’s. You can access the knowledge base at

Finally, as a customer, you can request a private training video about any feature of the software at any time. Only personnel in your organisation will have access to these private training videos and they are particularly useful because we can be tailor them towards your business specific processes.

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