When Field Service Software Doesn’t Work Out for Buyers

We are here to save you from buyers’ remorse!

Over the years we have had a whole lot of different businesses contact us about Husky AI Field Service Software.

Many of these have become outstanding users of our systems and their businesses have benefited greatly from our automation platform and the efficiencies it has brought them. Some businesses have grown their staffing levels 10 fold while using our system!

Saying this even a handful of those customers were problematic at the start of the projects to build out their platforms. When we say problematic, we mean it was not plain sailing and to be honest, as you may know, change is not easy.

From our experience with existing customers and customers who did try to roll out Husky AI we wanted to write this article to safeguard any business that thinks Husky AI Is right for them (when it actually might not be).

**You might think we are crazy, selling against ourselves, but bare with us!**

We have stories of great successes but also stories of failures as well. For this article, the failure part is the most important (when clients don’t get the system operational/doesn’t work for them).

What Have We Learned From The Past?

See the 3 main reasons below why Husky AI Field Service Software has not worked for clients that have signed up:

  1. Customer did not have the resources in house to take ownership of the system (designated Systems Users/Departments).
  2. Customers had duplicate roles in their business that meant they would be working in the field and sending themselves jobs (more work less efficiency).
  3. The staff in the customer’s organisation fought against change and there wasn’t complete buy in to change from all the team members. If this is the case when issues arise with change the first reaction is to give up. This will waste your time and money if you choose Husky.
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What Makes Husky AI Special?

When choosing field service management for your business it is all a bit of a minefield and that is why we have written this article. We certainly do not claim to suit every business.

Husky may only fit for the few. It offers our clients a unique opportunity to work with us to create a bespoke software platform designed around their field service business. It is 80% faster to build and roll out Husky AI than developing a platform from scratch! Research shows that developing a platform on a similar complexity level as Husky AI would cost in the region of £250k – £500k.

We make it affordable to add value to small and medium enterprises; that is why Husky AI Field Service Software exists.

Would You Be Better Suited To An Off-The-Shelf Package?

We don’t have any direct competition. However, when Husky AI is not a good fit there are plenty of off the shelf systems that might work for businesses who would like to adapt their processes to software rather than have software that adapts to their business – we are the first and only hybrid field service solution.

So really the question you need to ask or explore is; can we adapt our business to an existing static off the shelf system. If the answer is YES you may be able to get set up quicker and at less of a cost than going with our platform.

When Is Our Solution The Most Appropriate?

The one drawback of these off-the-shelf and static systems is that you may grow out of them and then come calling further down the line.

If your business is growing, evolving and ever-changing the Husky is probably the right path to take. We find a lot of our customers have tried the “samey” off the shelf packages and are ready for a change of direction when they come to us with their problems.

Check out a case study here about Sherratt Landscape Contractors. They had lots of systems before Husky they have now been a customer of ours for 4 years.

Now, going back to the question of why would we discourage some from signing up for our services? It is going to cost you money telling us about the failures of your sign ups, you may say. Not true! We want to work with customers that we have a chance of setting up a long term bond and partnership with. Not only are these the most healthy relationships but they are the most profitable for both parties.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making A Decision

Before you make a decision on Husky AI, ask yourselves these 3 important questions…

  1. Are we committed to change and improvement or can we manage on how we currently operate?
  2. Do we have the staff in the office that are ready for change and would give us full buy in to take ownership of a new system?
  3. Do we want a centralised ERP that will run our whole business process from Lead to Invoice/Accounts?

If your answer was YES to all 3 then there is a good chance that Huksy AI is the right system for you and will be a raging success if you chose to commit to changing your business and the way you run your processes. If you answered NO to any of these then we believe their maybe different options available to you.

Whether those options are sticking with what you currently do or an off the shelf system, that one size fits all.

Either way we hope this helps you make the right decision for your business. If you want to discuss this article further or ask some questions of your own then please do get in touch.

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